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KAMPS, John Henry was born in Appleton on April 14, 1862 and married in 1884 in Oshkosh to Kate Schmidt. Children: Gerhard born 1884 (died), Gerhard T. born in 1886; Frank born in 1888; Herman born 1890; Henry born in 1892; Kate born in 1895; Hildegard born in 1896. All children born in Appleton. Occupation: Druggist, Residence: 926 Seventh Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KETCHUM, Wilbur is a native of New York and was born at Clintonville in that state in 1839. He came to Appleton in 1857. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KETHROE, Henry was born in Winterbourn, Glouchestershire, England on May 10, 1812. He worked at the hatter's trade until he came to America in 1848. He remained in the State of NY one year, then came to Wisconsin and settled in Ellington, Outagamie County, whree he lived until 1866, when he moved to Hortonia, where he now resides. In 1841 he married Esther Webb. Of our six children now living, 3 are married. These are Mrs. B.M. Gurnee, Stephensville, WI, Mrs. S.C. Heard, Reardon, WA and Mrs. T.R. Curtis, San Bernandino, CA. A son, Joseph Kethroe lives in Washington and 2 daughters at home. One son died in Arizona in 1879 and one died in infancy. Mrs. Kethroe was born March 2, 1817 and died June 21, 1889. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KIMBALL, S.C. was born in New Hampshire in 1821 and came to Outagamie County in 1865; married Elizabeth White, January 1, 1845. Their children are William, born in 1846, died in 1864; Nelson W. born in 1848; George S. born in 1854; Elizabeth born in 1856. His second wife was Elizabeth Williams whom he married in 1857. Children: Mary Jane, born in 1855; Abbey born in 1860; Harvey born in 1862; Martha born in 1864; Frank born in 1874. Residence is 415 Washington Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KIRSCH, Nicholas is a native of Prussia where he was born in 1837. In 1865 he came to Outagamie County. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KLEIN, Michael was born in Germany in 1803 and came to Outagamie County in 1842, and settled on Section 32 in the town of Buchanan. In 1834 he married Maria Gross, who was born in 1812. Children, Peter born in 1835, now lives in Minnesota; John P. born in 1837 now lives in the State of Washington; Mathias born in 1839 lives near Appleton; Mary Kline Marks now lives in Menasha; Joseph born in 1846 lives in Kaukauna; Michael born in 1848 lives in Buchanan; Jacob born in 1850, lives in Kaukauna; Catherine Kline Baum, born in 1853 lives in Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KNOX, William
was born in Ireland in 1795; he came to America in 1847 and died in the city of Hartford, CT in 1852. He had three sons, Samuel, William and John Knox, who came to the town of Osborn in 1858 and settled on Section 8, T. 23, R. 18. Samuel and John now reside on their homesteads on Section 8. Samuel married Maria Knox. They have no children. John Knox was married to Nicea Shepherd. They have two sons and four daughters. Samuel Knox is a prominent citizen and has been supervisor of Osborn eight years and town clerk five years. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KOBER, Jacob is a native of Germany and was born in 1838. He came to Outagamie County in October of 1854. Occupation: Merchant.Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KOEHN, John was born in Germany in 1836, came to America in 1853 and four years later came to Outagamie County and settled on Section 11 in Grand Chute, where he has resided ever since. In 1865 he married Elizabeth Stark, who was born in 1837. She died in 1896. Children: George H., born in 1866; Anna N. Koehn Tyne, born in 1867; Abbie E. Koehn Fissenhauser, born in 1869; Jacob, born in 1871; Philip C. born in 1873. Occupation: farmer. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

is a native of Prussia and born in 1830. He came to America in 1850 and to Outagamie County in 1861 and located on Section 12 in the town of Center. In 1855 he married Sophia Frederica Peters, who was born in December 1826, Residence 553 North Street, Appleton.Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KRAMER, Herman
, (Obituary) aged 41 years, died Saturday morning at two o'clock, at his home on Doty Street after a long illness. Mr. Kramer came to Kaukauna when a boy of six years of age with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Kramer from Freedom. (Wisconsin). He was born at St. Lawrence, Washington County, in 1864. He has seen Kaukauna grow from a small village to its present proud position as one of the first manufacturing cities in the Fox River Valley, and during nearly all these years he held a position among the business institutions of the city. John Kramer, his father, built and conducted the first blacksmith shop in Kaukauna and Herman commenced when but a boy and learned the trade of his father and succeeded him in 1887 when Mr. Kramer the elder had to retire on account of failing health. Three years ago the deceased sold his business here and went to Ironwood, Mich., still to work at his trade. His health began to break down about eight months age, and he soon after returned to his old home to die among his relatives and old friends. Mr. Kramer was married in 1888 to Miss Barbara Miller of Menasha, who with three children survives: Adelaide, age 16, Florian, 14 and Theodore Kramer, aged 12, comprising his family. Mr. Kramer was a member of the Catholic Order Foresters, Holy Cross Court No. 309, and carried the insurance of that order of $1,000 at the time of his death. The funeral was held Monday morning at nine o'clock from Holy Cross Church. Rev. Father Rohde officiating. Among the relatives and friends present at the funeral were: Mrs. Anna Schubert, Milwaukee;; Anton Kramer and wife, Oshkosh; Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Newhouse, Freedom; Mrs. Albert Steffin, Five Corners; Mrs. Mary Adrians, Appleton; Mrs. Rosa Letz, daughter Miss Ida and son John. Menasha; Mrs. Henry Miller, Mrs. John Lewis, Neenah; Mrs. John Behringer, Appleton; Mrs. Feldmeyer, Buchannan. The pallbearers were the Messrs. Herman Runte, Emil Bayergeon, William Hyland, L. E. Vandenberg, Charles Bloch, and Joseph Faust. His stepmother, Mrs. John Kramer, his brothers and sisters, follow: Garet Kramer, Michigan City, N.D.; Anton Kramer, Oshkosh; Mrs. A. Sschubert, Joseph and Edward Kramer, Milwaukee; Mrs. J. B. Newhouse, Freedom; Barbara, Elizabeth and Mae Kramer at home." Kaukauna Times, Kaukauna, WI, September 1905

KREISS, George was born in Alcaise, France in September 1830 and came to Lyons, NY in 1838 and to Appleton in 1853. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

KREISS, Henry was born in Lyons, Wayne County, NY August 15, 1851 and came to Outagamie County in the fall of 1869; was married at Lyons, October 14, 1869 to Mary S. Yeackles, who was also born in Lyons, May 1, 1852. They have one child, William Henry, born November 10, 1872. Mr. Kreiss has served two terms as clerk of the court of Outagamie county. He now resides at 341 North Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outgamie County Pioneer Record.

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