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MANLEY, William R. was born in Onondaga County, NY in 1823; in 1854 he came to Wisconsin and settled on Section 19, T. 22, R. 16, now the town of Ellington. He now lives on the n. e. 1/2 Section 28, T. 22, R. 16, where he cleared his land and established a home where he now resides. He was married to Louisa Adams of Cayuga County, NY in 1844; they have had four children; three now living. Orson Manley, born on the 12th day of January 1854: he married Mangie Hewitt; they have two daughters, now living at home. J.O. Manley is now living on his farm on the n e 1/4 Section 27, T. 22, R.16; his second son, Perry Manley was born in 1853; he was married to Ida Johnson; they have two sons now living; he now resides in Kaukauna. William R. Manley has one daughter, now the wife of William Tyler; they live on the farm in Ellington. Mrs. William R. Manley died June 10, 1855. Mr. Manley married for his second wife, Nettie E. Keesler, they have one son. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MANLEY, James Orson, was born in Cayuga County, NY on January 13, 1845. He came to Outagamie County in 1854 and was married on May 25, 1876 to Mrs. Margie Hewitt, who was born in Broome County, NY on May 8, 1850. Their children now living are: Eva B. Manley, born March 10, 1882; Flossie Irene, born August 10, 1890. Mr. & Mrs. Manley now reside on their farm on Section 27, in the town of Ellington. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MANLEY, J.O., Mrs. was born in the year 1856. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MARSTON, Joseph H., (Civil War) son of G.H. Marston was born June 1, 1829 at Deerfield, NH; came with his parents to Wisconsin in 1843, came to Appleton in 1851; married Louisa Belding in 1853. Children: Cora Ida born February 1855, dead; Quincy Dow born July 1857; Charles Leland born February 1860; Myrta Louisa born December 1861, dead; Russell B. Marston born July 24, 1873, dead; Mr. Marston was commissioned Second Lieutenant June 15, 1861 and assigned to Company E. Sixth Wisconsin Infantry, Army of the Potomac. This command is known in history as the Iron Brigade. He was discharged in 1864 for disability, with the rank of Captain. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.


MARSTON, Joseph H. Captain
, one of the old and honest citizens of Outagamie County, WIsconsin, who for many years has been closely identified with the business and public interests of the city of Appleton, has a distinguished record for service during the great Civil War. Captain Marston was born June 1, 1829, in Deerfield, New Hampshire and is a son of George G. and Lucretia D. (Hilton) Marston, natives of New Hampshire of English descent. The family came to Wisconsin in 1843, by the Erie Canal and Great Lakes and George H. Marston pre-empted one-quarter section of land near Kenosha, at a time when Indians in this region were more plentiful than white men. In April of 1850, Mr. Marston, Sr., came to Appleton, where he engaged in painting and for many years up to the time of his death served as justice of the peace. He died in the faith of the Baptist Church, when 78 years old. In politics he was a Democrat. Nine children were born to George H. and Lucretia Marston, namely; Dr. S.L. a graduate of Rush Medical College and for many years a medical practitioner. Dr. S.L. Marston was surgeon of the 12th Wisconsin, and was with Sheman on his march to the sea. Residence, Hartford, Wisconsin; now deceased. Captain Joseph H. Appleton; Eliza and John, residing in Omaha, Nebraska; Adelaide, residing in Denver, Colorado; Susan, residing near Seattle, Washington; Robey D. who died at Roanoke Island, while in the marine service during the Civil War; Josephine, who is deceased and Martha, who is residing at Butte, Montana. Joseph H. Marston received his education in the public schools of Kenosha county, came to Appleton in 1852 and enlisted in May, 1861 in Company E., 6th Wisconsin Infantry. "The Iron Brigade" he being commissioned second Lieutenant, being later made first lieutenant, with which rank he was mustered out of service, March 19, 1864, on account of disability. Among the many bloody battles in which he participated may be mentioned Second Bull Run, South Mountain, Antietam, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg. He was wounded by a gunshot in his head at South Mountain and was reported among the killed, notice being sent to Appleton to that effect; at Gettysburg a shell exploded at Captain Marston's feet, but the only injury he sustained was a sprained ankle, although he was thrown into the air and at Antietam he was wounded in the leg. In addition, his experiences included being captured at Gettysburg and escaped with others after the three days' battle. The following is an extract from a letter received from Col. R.R. Dawes, commanding the 6th Wisconsin Regt. at the battle of Gettysburg. "My Dear Captain Marston: I notice that you are appointed with others to go to Gettysburg to locate the monument for the 6th Wisconsin Regiment. I can at this time see your tall form and firm step as you pressed Company E forward on a charge through that fearful storm of death. How they failed to kill you has always been a mystery to me. I expect to meet you at Gettysburg." The color guards formed a part of Captain Marston's Company in this battle, in which he lost more than half of his men in killed and wounded. It was in this charge that the 2nd Mississippu Regiment was captured by the 6th Wisconsin. After completing his service, he returned to Appleton when he engaged in the manufacture of wagon stock in company with R.Z. Mason, former president of the Lawrence University; an enterprise in which he is still engaged. In 1854 Captain Marston was united in marriage with Miss Louise B. Belding, who came to Appleton from Hardwick, Vermont, with her brother, and she died in 1892, having been the mother of five children; Quincy, who is in the coal business in Appleton with his brother Charles, Cora, Russell and Myrtie, deceased. Captain Marston is a member of the Waverly Lodge No. 51 and Appleton Chapter No. 47 of the Masonic fraternity and is an honored comrade of George D. Eggleston Post No. 33, Grand Army of the Republic. having been one of the incorporators of the Wisconsin Soldiers Home and for ten years a trustee therof. He has held numerous public offices and for two terms served as mayor of Appleton. History of Outagamie County, Wisconsin: being a general survey of Outagamie County history including a history of the cities, towns and villages throughout the county, from the earliest settlement to the present time Chicago: Goodspeed Historical Association, 1911.

McCOMB, Matthew was born January 1, 1821 in the county of Down, Ireland; he came to Outagamie in 1849 and married Mary J. Stewart, who died February 6, 1891 at Hortonville. Six sons and three daughters were born to them all of whom are living, except Edwin B. who died in 1864. J.M. born December 11, 1850; Jennie S. Baake born December 20, 1852; Henry R. born Janauary 1, 1855; A.C. born February 20, 1857; Emma A. Lewis born April 3, 1859; V.B. born November 17, 1865, Ina V. Reinking, born December 18, 1867; C.H. born January 30, 1870. In 1893 Matthew McComb married Cynthia C. Griffin and has resided in Outagamie County since 1849. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

McCRARY, Alva. (Civil War - Hiram McCrary) Alva was born in 1811 in NY; married Mary Benedict, who was born in Ohio July 4, 1814. Children: Mrs. Theressa Perrot, born March 10, 1839; Hiram born April 10, 1841; Mrs. Martha Collier born February 11, 1843; William born August 24, 1845; Ira born Mary 16, 1849; Allen born July 6, 1852; George born July 23, 1854. Alva McCrary moved from Ohio to this state with an ox team in the summer of 1845, and came to Outagamie County three years later. His wife died in 1858 at her home in Greenville. Hiram enlisted in the War of the Rebellion in 1862 and died in the army the same year. Alva McCrary is living with his daughter, Mrs. Louis Perrot in Appleton and attended the pioneer celebrations in Appleton in 1897 and 1898. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

McGILLEN, James was born in New Lisbon, Ohio, April 20, 1837 and came to Outagamie County in the year 1851. He married and raised a family as follows: Marian McGillen Robertson, married, has one child; Francis Louis, born on August 12, 1867; Nona Elizabeth born July 8, 1869; James Hurley, born January 7, 1871; Alice Margaret born February 16, died at the age of 23 years; Eugene Joseph born April 1, 1873; Katherine Rose born November 3, 1874; Lillian Cummings, born May 5, 1876; Willard John born January 28, 1877; Josephine Theodore born August 11, 1879; Edward Thomas born December 18, 1873. Residence 906 High Street. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

McKAY, Hector was born in Scotland May 12, 1816; came to Nova Scotia August 6, 1831; came to the United States June 22, 1844; came to Outagamie County October 22, 1850 and settled on the n.e. 1/4 Section of 32, T. 21, R. 17 now in the town of Grand Chute where he still resides. Married Sarah A. Murch in 1852. They have had three sons and three daughters. Those now living are Thomas, Albert, George S., Alice C. and Amelia E. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

McMURDO, John, Sr. was born in Scotland in 1808; came to New Brunswick in 1828; arrived at Hortonville June 8, 1851; settled on Sec. 3, T. 21, R. 15, whree he cleared a farm and established a home and resided until 1879, when he removed to the Village of Hortonville, where he resided until his death in September 1891. He was a postmaster and chairman of the town for several years. He was married to Elizabeth Hunter in 1835; also from Scotland; they have had eight children, three sons and five daughters. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

McNAB, Duncan, the first white settler in the town of Osborn, WI, was born in Scotland in 1822; he came to America in 1842; he came to the town of Osborn in 1848 and settled on the n.e. 1/4 of Section 30, T. 23, R. 18, where he cleared a farm and established a home and resided there until his death in December 1892. He married Celestia Bronson; they have three sons and four daughters now living. His widow and several children now reside on the homestead. His brother, Robert McNab came to Osborn in 1849; afterwards settled on the s.e. 1/4 of Section 13, T. 23, R. 17 in the town of Center where he cleared a farm and established a home and resided there until his death in 1864; his wife died in December 1881. They had nine children, but one son, Peter is now living. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MEIDAM, Miles, born in 1858 in Outagamie County. In green house at Appleton Junction. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MERRILL, Mary, Mrs. was born in 1834. She came to Outagamie County in 1856. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record

MEYER, H.W. born August 3, 1843 and came to Manitowoc County in 1847 and to Appleton in 1869. Proprietor of Volksfreund. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record

MILLER, George
is a native of New York and was born in Massena, St. Lawrence County. He came to Appleton in the month of June 1865. Reisdence: 1092 Front Street. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MILLER, Harrison was born in Pennsylvania January 18, 1872 and came to Outagamie County in 1863. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MILLER, Richard was born in 1844; when but ten years of age he came to Outagamie County. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record

MILLS, Luther (Civil War)
was born in New York in 1834 and came to this county in 1850 and located on Section 17, T. 21, R. 16 in the town of Greenville, where he resided until this death in 1886. In 1858 he married Elizabeth A. Hardacker, who wsa born in Nova Scotia in 1839. Children: Feronia E. born in 1859, dead; Willis L born in 1861; Nellie Mills Young born in 1863; Allette Mills Baucus born in 1864; Henry L. born in 1866; Burnett H. born in 1869, dead; Frona B. born in 1870; dead; Jennie E. born in 1872 dead; Norman P. born in 1873; Bessie D. born in 1879; Richard D. born in 1882. Luther B. Mills enlisted in the War of the Rebellion in 1862 in Company I, 32nd Regt. Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry; was discharged in May 1863. He lost an eye in the service. His widow and younger children now reside in Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MINOR, Thomas T. (Obituary) died at Fond du Lac last week at the age of 86 years. He left a few lines beneath his pillow about his life's history, closing with the words. "I have seen enough - I am satisfied." It is worthwhile to read what the old man wrote. Here it is: "Born in Madison county, New York, March 4, 1823. Went to Kaukauna, this state, on June 20, 1828. Went to Chicago, Oct 1, 1834. Visited the Wisconsin pineries, going through Madison in 1841. In 1844 went to Duck Island, Door county. Married at Lamont, Ill., in 1849 and came to Fond du Lac in 1854. Joined Co. A, Twenty-first Wisconsin Infantry, Aug 13, 1862, and spent the winter on Lookout Mountain, Tennessee. In 1854 accompanied Sherman on his march to the sea. Participated in twenty-seven battles. Spent three weeks, in Washington in 1865. Came to Wisconsin after being mustered out and bought a farm at Brothertown. Visited Chicago during the time of the World's fair. Have seen Gens. GRANT, SHERMAN, THOMAS, ROSENKRANZ, BUELL, "fighting Joe" HOOKER, Joseph SMITH, KING, STRONG, PARSONS, BROWNLOW, LITTLEJOHN, Capt. BLAKE, Henry CLAY and Buffalo Bill. Came to Fond du Lac April 9, 1895, to finish life. I have seen enough - I am satisfied. Source: Kaukauna Times Kaukauna, WI, Feb. 5, 1909.

MITCHELL, Thomas (Civil War)
born March 27, 1849 in New Brunswick; came to Outagamie County in 1850 and married Mattie A. Heath on October 10, 1892; enlisted in April 1864 in Company D, 41st Wisconsin Volunteers; discharged in September 1864. Occupation, merchant. For six years was postmaster of Seymour and was under sheriff for two years. He now resides at 801 College Avenue, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MITCHELL, William, Reverend was born in Maine in 1821; came to Outagamie County in 1852 and settled on the n.e. 1/4 section 35, T. 22, R. 15, now in the Village of Hortonville; married Rebecca Staples in 1847; she was born in 1827. Her children were Charles Albert born in 1849, dead; Alonzo C. born in 1853, dead; Sarah Melissa born in 1855, dead; Hilda J. born in 1859; Rosanna J. born in 1863, dead; Fred G. born in 1866. Married his second wife, Betsey L. Raymond in 1874; she was born in 1828. Residence on Pine Street, Hortonville; has been a Baptist preacher 54 years. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MODER, Joseph, born October 9, 1836 and came to Outagamie County in 1856. Anna Moder was born February 17, 1842 and came to Outagamie County in 1856. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MOESKES, G.T. was born January 18, 1846, near Fort Weasel, Prussia, village of Boeming; came to Manitowoc in 1860 and removed from there to Appleton in August 1868; married October 12, 1869 to Maria Kamps, born September 1, 1848 who came to Appleton in the spring of 1861. She died five years ago, leaving three children, Mrs. Kate Sacksteder, born in December 1872; Herman E. born in March 1876; Elizabeth C. born in June 1880. Mr. Moeskes' second wife was Elizabeth Peters of Manitowoc whom he married August 26, 1895. She was born June 6, 1844. Occupation: attorney-at-law. County judge at present. Residence: 926 8th Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MONTGOMERY, John came from Ireland, where he was born December 15, 1840. He settled in Outagamie County when 21 years old and four years later married Christiana Smith, who was born in Canada. She came to this county in 1860. Children, Geo. H., Elmer I., and Effie H. Present occupation, county clerk. Residence: 928 North Division Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MONTGOMERY, W.F. is a native of the state of New York, where he was born October 30, 1847. Came to Appleton in October 1865 and has been in the drug and medicine business ever since. Is at present coroner of Outagamie County. Francis M. Brown Montgomery, born October 30, 1849 at Gloversville, New York daughter of Miles Brown and wife and wife of W.F. Montgomery, came to Appleton in 1866. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MORSE, John A., a prominent business citizen of Shiocton, Wisconsin, who has been engaged in the lumber business in Outagamie County during a period covering forty-four years, was born in New Hampshire, March 31, 1848. Early in life he decided that better opportunities were offered the ambitious young man in the West, and he came to Wisconsin in 1867, locating in Outagamie county and engaging in the lumbering and logging business, in which he has been engaged to the present time. He was married in 1870 to Miss Effie J. Main, who was born in Dominion of Canada in 1850, and they have had a family of three children, namely; Glen, who met an accidental death in 1909; Cliffoed of Shiocton, who is married and has two children and John F., reisding on a fruit ranch in Idaho. Mr. Morse is a member of the Masonic fraternity and in politics he is a Republican, but he has never aspired to public office. With his wife he attends the Congretional Church. Source: History of Outagamie County.

MORY, Charles was born in Blankingham, Prussia July 19, 1823; came to America in 1849 and to Outagamie County in 1850; married May 29, 1851 to Helena Wilhelmina Lipke, who was born in April 1835 and died in 1866. Married again to Emily Friederika Lorenz who was born in 1835 and died in 1893. Raised 11 children, eight of whom are now living. Residence: 730 College Avenue, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MORROW, James came to this county in 1855 and in 1881 married Mary E. Brady, who was born in Waukesha county. Merchant. Residence, 861 Superior Street. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MURCH, B.B. the pioneer of Outagamie county, son of Nathaniel and Polly Bingham, Murch was born in Jay, Essex County, NY., October 12, 1813 and lived in that place until 1835, when he went west. He spent some time in Cleveland, OH and then traveled over other states, teaching in various places. He preempted land in Missouri, but in 1840 left his claim with his brother and returned to his old home. Here he remained teaching and working as carpenter and joiner until 1846. On June 2 of that year he was married to Sarah Boynton and two days later they left for the territory of Wisconsin. A wagon ride of 20 miles took them to Keesville where they stopped for the night. They were joined the next morning by Adaline Finch. A shorter ride brought them to Port Kent. From there they went by steamboat to Whitehall and by canal boat to Buffalo. They found some old acquaintances on the canal boat and made some new ones; among the latter Dr. Foote, his sister, Mrs. Richmond and her husband from Oneida County, NY. They stopped in Buffalo over Sunday and on Monday, having to wait for the boat, went to Niagara Falls and spent the day. From Buffalo they took the steamer Missouri to Chicago, stopping at Mackinaw where they were met by James Blood and taken to his uncle's, Capt. Lavaque's, an old townsman of theirs. From Mackinaw they went direct to Green Bay by the Astor, a small steamer owned by Mr. Goodell. They Bay was very rough and the boat finally stopped at Beaver Island to wait for calmer weather. At Green Bay they were guests of Dr. Ward and there they found old neighbors in the persons of Henry Blood, his wife and sister. Staying there one day, they next went by wagon to what is now Wrightstown. That week Mr. Murch selected his land the next Monday, June 30, 1846 entered it at the land office in Green Bay. They lived in a small house in Wrightstown until November. Four children were born to them; George H. their oldest, was born December 9, 1847 the first white child born of American parents in the county. The old farm was sold to Mr. Carter about 1882 and Mr. Murch bought a place in Green Bay where he lived several years, then came to Appleton to spend his last days. He died February 20, 1891. (See Family Stories of this Web Site for Excerpts to Mrs. Murch's diary). Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

MYERS, George, (Civil War) Honorable George H. Myers was born October 24, 1824 in Delaware County, New York; when four years of age he came to Erie County, Pennsylvania; he studied law and was admitted to the bar in Erie City about 1848; he came to Appleton in the fall of 1849, where he practiced his profession; in 1865 he was commissioned as Lieutenant in the 51st Regiment, Infantry. In the fall of 1878 he was appointed Circuit Judge of the Tenth Judicial District, Wisconsin, to fill a vacancy and afterwards was twice elected judge and held that position until his death which occurred August 1, 1891; he was married to Miss Betsey A. Hawley on the 25th day of August 1852 in Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania; they have one son and one daughter; their son, George, died March 7, 1864; their daughter Ada E. now lives with her mother at the homestead. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.