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PADDOCK, Sarah came to Outagamie County in the year 1853. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PALMER, E.S. was born in 1827 and came to Outagamie County when twenty-six years old. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PARDEE, Ida G, was born in the year 1859. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PATTERSON, W.S. was born in Omro, Winnebago County September 6, 1856; was married August 20, 1884 to Letetia L. Cuff who was born in Hortonia, October 11, 1863. Children, Wilson Shaler, born October 31, 1885; Richard Alexander born July 26, 1887; Josephine born November 28, 1888; Abram Conklin; born December 17, 1890; Ruth born November 19, 1892; Louise born September 9, 1894; Baby, not yet named, born August 21, 1896. W.S. Patterson is engaged in the plumbing, steam and hot water heating business at 582 Morrison Street. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

And taken from History of Outagamie County - Wilson S. Patterson, president of the W.S. Patterson Company, contractors for plumbing and heating and jobbers of pipe, fittings, valves and steam supplies, at No. 737 College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin, is one of Appleton's well known business men. He was born at Omro, Winnebaga County, Wisconsin, September 6, 1856, a son of Abraham and Josephine (Shaler) Patterson and a grandson of Major Ephraim Shaler, who at one time had charge of Fort Howard. Abraham Patterson was born in Rochester, New York, and came to Wisconsin in the 40's locating in Appleton in 1886, after he conducted hardware stores in various places and here both he and his wife died. They had five children, all of whom are living. Wilson S. Patterson first established his present business in 1886 and it has been successful from the start, now occupying a two-story factory 26x140 feet, in which are employed 27 hands. The officers of the company are W.S. Patterson, president, Conrad Verbrick, vice president, and H.C. Getschow, secretary and treasurer. The product of the company includes plumbing and heating fixtures, pipe, fittings and steam supplies, and the Atwood vacuum cleaner apparatus, and goods are shipped all over the surrounding country. Mr. Patterson was married in 1884 at Hortonia, Wisconsin to Letitia Lily Cuff, born October 11, 1862, daughter of Alexander and Maria (Cuff) Cuff, farming people of Hortonia township, Outagamie County. Ten children have been born to Mr. and Mrs. Patterson, five sons and five daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Patterson and their children are members of the Congretional Church. He is a Republican in national politics, but in local affairs votes independently. His fraternal connections are with the Equitable Fraternal Union and several other fraternal societies. For some years Mr. Patterson served as secretary of the Wisconsin Master Plumbers' Association.

was born in Bridgeport, CT in 1845 and came to Wisconsin in 1848 and to Appleton in 1873. President Pettibone Peabody Company. Emma C. Peabody was born in Appleton December 5, 1876. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PEERENBOOM, Julius was born in Holland April 25, 1837; came to America with his parents in 1858; landing in New York after a voyage of 54 days. On July 3, 1858, he arrived in Little Chute and the same year was married to Minnie E. Speel, who was also born in Holland and came to America with her parents in 1848. Children born as follows: Maurice S., February 8, 1865; George H., 1866; James A., October 25, 1868; Fred J., December 21, 1869; Henry A., August 9, 1871; Lyda W., January 23, 1873; Mae J., March 25, 1875; Grace B., October 20, 1876; Evalyn C., April 1, 1878; Lawrence, April 21, 1880; Belle G., October 4, 1882. Henry A., Grace B. and Lawrence are dead. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PERRY, Miles was born in Hartwick, Otsego County, New York on January 31, 1822. His father, Jonas Perry, resided on a farm and had a family of ten children, five sons and five daughters, Miles being the youngest son. The late Seth J. Perry, his oldest brother and he, being the first to leave the old homestead and settled in Walworth County, Wisconsin in 1845. The next year Miles came to work for him and remainded two and a half years, when he returned to his father's home. September 25, 1849, he was married to Achsah Eldred, a daughter of Holden and Mildred Matthews Eldred of Milford, Otsego County, New York. She was born January 7, 1821. Soon after they were married they started for the then new state of Wisconsin, he having entered land in 1847 on the s.w. 1/4 of Section 26, T. 21, R. 16, now being the town of Greenville. After traveling by canal and boats for about three weeks they arrived within a few miles of what was to be home. Mrs. Perry stayed with an Irish family in Winnebago county for some two weeks, until their shanty could be made habitable. When they moved into it there was not a door nor a window. Mr. and Mrs. Perry had a family of three daughters. Sylvina M. Perry Culbertson was born October 12, 1850; Nancy M. Perry born February 22, 1853; died November 11, 1871; Libbie F. Perry Leppla, born July 19, 1861; she married Joseph Leppla March 24, 1880; they have seven children, three sons and four daughters. Sylvina married Alexander Culbertson April 15, 1869; they have four sons. In February 1865, Mrs. Perry's parents came to spend their remaining years with them. Her mother died May 3, 1873, aged 82 years and her father died October 9, 1877, age of 99 years. Miles R. Perry was drafted for a soldier in 1864 but not being in good health he hired a substitue, paying $800.00. He remained on his farm until his health failed, he then sold out in 1883 and lived for a time with his daughter, Sylvina and in 1884 built a small cottage on the farm of A. Culbertson, where he reisded up until the time of his death, which occurred on July 12, 1890. He was buried at Riverside Cemetery. Appleton. His widow makes her home with her daughter and is quite well for her years. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PERRY, P.G.H. was born in Pennsylvania in 1825 and came to Outagamie County when 29 years old. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PERRY, Seth was born in Otsego County New York October 29, 1813, died November 30, 1890. Abigail L. Perry was born in Otsego County, New York, November 7, 1817, died April 11, 1880. Children, Susan C. born December 5, 1838 at Otsego, New York; William C. born September 5, 1843. Susan C. was married to George W. Putney, December 14, 1857. Their children are Fred E. born April 2, 1859; Arthur S., born December 19, 1860; Lester E. born Mary 15, 1857; Cora B. born August 22, 1872. Residence: No. 850 Oneida Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PETERSEN, F. Sr. born in Schleswig, Holstein, March 28, 1832; came to this county in 1856 and to Appleton in 1863. His occupation is that of butcher. Marie Johanna Petersen was born on June 6, 1839 in Saxony, Germany; came to Outagamie County in 1858. Fred Petersen Jr. was born in the town of Clayton in Winnebago County in 1860, but has lived in Outagamie County ever since. Is a stock buyer and dealer in meats. Henry W. Petersen was born in Center, Outagamie County in 1861. Occupation: Hardware dealer. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PHINNEY, James was born at Vernon Center, Oneida County, NY on July 4, 1822 and came to Appleton November 8, 1849; and taught the first class in mathematics at Lawrence University; he now resides at 537 South Durkee Street, Appleton. Mrs. Helen L. Rich Phinney was born in Penfield, Monroe County, New York, January 10, 1825 and married James M. Phinney November 24, 1847. Children: Mrs. H.C. Sloan, born in Dartford in 1849, married to H.C. Sloan, district attorney of Douglas County, in 1878. They now reside in West Superior. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

 PHILIPPS, Peter, Sr. (Rep.) of the city of Kaukauna, born June 5th, 1835 in Geisfeld, Prussia (Rhineland). Received a common school education; is a retired farmer and blacksmith; came with his parents to Wisconsin in 1846, and to Meeme, Manitowoc county in March, 1848. Enlisted in Company B, 45th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, as a private; was stationed at Nashville, Tennessee; promoted to sergeant and was mustered out at the expiration of war by order of the war department.  Has been postmaster of Meeme nineteen years. Was secretary at the Meeme Mutual Home Protective Fire Insurance Co. seven years. He was elected to the assembly from the First district, Manitowoc county, for the year 1882.  Moved with his family to the city of Kaukauna in 1890, was appointed postmaster in 1894 by Dr. H. B. Tanner, first Republican mayor of the city of Kaukauna, and held the office under different Republican administrations for four years.  Is now holding the office of supervisor of the third ward and has been ten years, the last five years having been elected without opposition. Was elected member of the assembly in 1908, receiving 2,265 votes against 2,225 votes for Henry Knapstein (Dem.).   Notes: Peter came with his family on the Brig Albana, out of Antwerp, Belgium, arriving July 29, 1846 in NYC. The family was listed as Peter Phillips 42, tailor, from Germany to US; Gertrude 41; Nickolas 13; Peter 11; Adam 7, Mathias 4, Helena 1 1/2 yrs.  In the 1830s the family lived in Geisfeld, Trier, Rhineland, Germany. Peter's father bought land in Meeme on August 1, 1849. Most of the Philipps family are buried in the cemetery at St. Fidelis Catholic Church, Meeme twp, Manitowoc County, WI Peter Philipps (b 1835) married Anna Gross (b 1842)   in 18..  in Meeme, Manitowoc County.  Their children were Elizabeth (1861), Peter (1863), Helene (1864), Anna (1866), Andrew (1868), Willie (1871), Catherina (1873), Mary (1876), Margaret (1880), Rose (1883), Clara June (1886), Sophia (1890). Per Federal Census   submitted by Joyce Phillips, Madison, Wi.

PIERCE, Dudley was born in 1871 in Appleton, married Laura A. Briggs in 1893. She was born in 1871. Children, Josephine L. born September 30, 1894; Virginia E. born March 13, 1897. Occupation: real estate dealer. Residence, south end of Locust Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PIERCE, Humphrey was born February 5, 1837 at Gorham, Cumberland County, Maine; came to this state in 1850 and located in Appleton, September 3, 1857 and has made this place his home ever since. Married Emily J. Harriman October 12, 1869, Children: Dudley H. born February 22, 1871; Florence J. born December 3, 1873; Ella C and Jessie E. born on April 17, 1876; Frederick H., Genevieve A.; Lawrence R.; and Byron W. Business: Lawyer and real estate. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

POLIFKE, William was born in Prussia May 17, 1846; married Nannie A. Campbell April 22, 1874; settled in Appleton in May 1883. Residence, 584 North Street, Appleton.

POMEROY, Hugh. (Civil War) Captain Company G., 2nd Regt. W.N.G., son of Lt. Col. Henry and Swena Pomeroy, was born in September 1865 at Appleton. Letter carrier. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

POMEROY, Ralph was born in Appleton in 1861. Newspaper man. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

POND, Orson was born in Hector, New York May 2, 1841 and came to Appleton in April, 1866; married Josephine R. Marston on December 24, 1877. She was born at Paris, this state, August 14, 1844; her children were Clara L. born June 26, 1879 and Josephine M. born February 1, 1881. Mrs. Pond died February 4, 1881. Married second time to Lellah Marston August 21, 1881. She was born in September 1856; her children are Ralph W. born April 15, 1882; Mattie E. born September 20, 1884; Willard E. born August 14, 1887; Herbert M. born September 21, 1893 and Harold W. born September 20, 1897. Residence at 704 Union Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

POOLE, Orlow M. was born in 1840 and came to Hortonville with his parents ten years later and settled on the s. 1/2 s.w. 1/4 Section 35, T. 22, R. 15, now the village of Hortonville. He was married in 1865 to Hattie A. Cornish. They have four sons and three daughters. Their oldest son, Silas A. was born in 1870 and was married to May Fesler in 1894. They have two sons and now live in the town of Maine. Sarah, their oldest daughter was married to Wm. M. Nims in 1887; they live in New London. Orlow M. Poole now resides on his father's homestead.

POTTS, George was born in 1868 in the town of Grand Chute. He died October 8, 1898. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PRATT, Miles was born July 29, 1811 in Rutland County, VT; was married to Deborah Cooley January 10, 1836 in Attica, New York. She was born in Attica March 17, 1815. They came to Wisconsin in 1854 and settled in Appleton in the spring of 1867. Mr. Pratt died in July of 1876. Children still living are Celia P. Harriman born December 23, 1838; Mary A. Pratt; Amelia P. Whitford; Eliza P. Spaulding; Edgar M. Pratt. Celia Pratt Harriman, a daughter of Miles and Deborah Pratt was born December 23, 1838 in Albion, MI and was married in 1860 to Joseph E. Harriman. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PRIEST, A.W., (Civil War - children) Vice President of the Outagamie Paper and Pulp Mill, at Kaukauna, was born in Waukesha County in 1848; is a son of Henry and Hannah Colburn Priest, natives of Plattsburgh, NY. The father was reared in Essex County and in 1829 was married to Hannah Colburn. They were the parents of ten children as follows: Josiah born in New York in 1831; died the same year; Esther W. born March 4, 1832 in New York; came to Wisconsin with her parents and was married in Appleton in 1852 to Edwin Fitch; they now reside in Washington; Adaline was born in New York in 1834; came to this state in 1857 and married Earl Fitch. She died March 16, 1877 at Prairie de Chien; Sarah M. born in New York in 1838, was married in Grant County, this state to Ransom Lawe and settled in Appleton. She died in Chicago where Mr. Lawe now resides, being employed in the post office there. William H. born in New York in 1840 was married in Appleton to Louisa Osborn and now resides in Minneapolis. He enlisted in Captain Jewitt's company, 21st Wisconsin Infantry for three years and was discharged on account of disablility; James born in New York in 1843, enlisted in the 6th Wisconsin Infantry. He died December 27, 1862 at Arlington Heights, his death being caused by exposure; Hannah M. born in Waukesha in 1845 died there September 5, 1846; Ellen M. born in Appleton May 5, 1851 was married there in 1869 to Albert Baker and died at Antigo on June 6, 1891; Fremont born in Appleton July 6, 1857, died there December 6, 1862. Grandfather Priest was a native of England and was a British soldier coming to New York during the War of the Revolution. Grandfather Ephraim Colburn and his wife Hannah Bigelow were New York people and in a very early day came to Wisconsin territory, where they died. Albert W. Priest received his education in public schools of Appleton and while yet a boy commenced working for his father in the saw mill, where he continued until 1869, when he came to Kaukauna and worked in various mills. In 1857 he became proprietor of a planing mill, putting in the first planers in Kaukauna and at the same time operated a saw mill at Snyderville until 1883, the year before which he built the Fox River Paper and Pulp Mill and conducted the same for a number of years, when it was leased to Oscar Thilmany. In 1888 Mr. Priest, in company with A.W. Patten and Henry Hewitt bought a water power privilege at the foot of the Kakauna rapids and formed a water power company, also built dams on the property, making one of the best water powers on the river, on which they erected, the same year, for the Outagamie Paper and Pulp Company one of the most extensive paper mills in the country, its dimensions being 60x320 feet. It is equipped with two paper machines and all necessary machinery for converting wood and rags into pulp to supply the same. Print paper is manufactured exclusively, and employment is given to over 100 hands. The personnel of the company is as follows: President, A.W. Patten, vice president, A.W. Priest, secretary, John McNaughton of Appleton, treasurer, Alexander McNaughton of Kaukauna. In 1871 at Appleton, Mr. Priest was married to Aimee Stephens, a native of Jefferson County, NY and daughter of Charles and Rachel Seville Marble Stevens, who were married in New York state and in 1853 came to Appleton. Mr. Priest is an energetic, enterprising and highly successful business man. At the present writing he is building a new residence of stone and brick on the banks of the Fox River, commanding an exceedingly fine view. In his policitical preferments he is a republican. In addition to his business interests he is director of the Bank of Kaukauna. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

PROCTOR, Benjamin was born in New Hampshire in 1795 and came to Appleton in 1850, and married Julien Post about 1822. He died in 1867. Children, Julia Ann, born in 1827, dead; Benjamin Franklin, born in 1829, dead; Arabel born in 1834, now lives in Chicago; B.F. came to Appleton with this father, and in 1853 married Anna M. Sanborn, who was born in Massachusetts in 1836. No children living. She now resides at 529 College Avenue, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

was born at Appleton, Wisconsin December 22, 1873; married August 12, 1896 to Miss Myra Parish. Children: Carleton Parish Pynn born May 16, 1897. Occupation: Cler, American Express Co., Residence 621 Catherine Street. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.