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was born in the year 1874 in Outagamie County. Jessie Maude Tackman was born in the year 1870 in Outagamie County. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

TANNER, Herbert Battles, was born in Whitewater, Wisconsin February 1859; came to Kaukauna July 27, 1880; married to Mary G. Boyd September 1, 1881; children: Kennth Boyd, born July 20, 1883; Blanche Lawe Tanner, January 25, 1885; Harold Ford, November 23, 1878; Herbert Johnson, born March 17, 1894. Residence: Crooks Avenue, South Kaukauna. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

was born in 1822 and came to this state in 1853. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

was born in the month of October, 1850 Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

was born in Walpole, N.H., July 30, 1814; came to Outagamie county in 1867. In business seven years with D.B. Bailey. He died in Appleton April 27, 1898. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

was born in 1842 and came to Outagamie county in 1866. Ellen Thompson was born in 1847 and came to Outagamie County in 1867. Children, Frank W. born in 1878; William E., born in 1870; Charles D. born in 1872; Flora D., born in 1874. Children have all been born in Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

Picture is of Mrs. James Tompkins
was born in Oneida county, New York, March 7, 1819; came to Outagamie county in 1848 and settled on Section 23, T. 21, R. 16, now in the town of Greenville, where he resided until 1865, when he removed to Apppleton and has since resided here. He was married to Sarah Pierce, who was born in Oneida county, New York, October 28, 1821. Their children were born as follows: Jane Augusta Tompkins Mills, born February 3, 1839; Maria Louisa Tompkins Babcock, born June 3, 1846; Loretta C. born May 3, 1849; Helen Paulina Tompkins Clark, born September 7, 1861; Sarah E. born August 3, 1863, died October 1880; Henrietta E. Tompkins Usher, born March 6, died 1883; Cornelia T. Tompkins Slatter, born July 28, 1858, died 1881. Ophelia Tompkins Thompson, born January 5, 1853. Residence, 1020 Fifth Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

who for the past several years has been the efficient cashier at the Bank of Kaukauna, is a native of Wisconsin; born Port Washington, Ozaukee county in 1859. He is a son of Lafayette and Martha Calkins Towsley, who were natives of New York state. Mr. F. A. Towsley, after receiving a liberal education at the public schools of Port Washington, learned telegraphy, and for five years was employed as operator at that point. In 1876, he removed to Kaukauna, and here he was in the employ of M.L. S. & W. Railway company as station agent for some seven years, after the road had been built to this point. At that time the present south side of Kaukauna was a wilderness, there being but one residence of any size in the neighborhood. The railway station house was made of rough boards, neither lathed or plastered. This was destroyed by fire July 7, 1878 and while the new depot was being built, a box car on a side track was improvised for an office for two months. On the completion of the new depot, Mr. Towsley continued as station agent until his appointment, August 1, 1881 as cashier of Reuter Bros., a private bank. On September 1, 1883, this bank was incorporated under the banking laws of Wisconsin and became known as the Bank of Kaukauna. The present officers are Peter Reuter, preseident, Otto H Runte, vice-president, F. A. Towsley, cashier, and under their judicious and conservative management the bank has enjoyed a remarkable degree of prosperity, some of the main reasons being, undoubtedly, the prompt and business-like methods employed. In December 1880, Mr. Towsley was married in Kaukauna to Miss Ella Tarwiliger, a native of Brown County. Four children have been born to them, three of whom are living, named respectively, Pearl, Charles and Ethel. In politics Mr. Towsley is a republican and at the present time is serving as clerk of the board of education in Kaukauna City. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

TRACY, John, Honorable,
Foreman of the Appleton Spoke factory, was born in County Limerick, Ireland, April 18, 1852 and is a son of Edward and Joanne Brown Tracy. The father, who was a farmer, died when John was but ten years old. The mother still survives and resides in Appleton. They were the parents of two sons and three daughters, of whom our subject and two of his sisters are still living. The family came to America in 1865 about three years after the death of the father, and John being the eldest child, the greatest share of the responsibility fell upon him. The September following their arrival, our subject commenced to work in the spoke factory in Appleton and during winters attended the evening schools until 17 years old, when he left school. This, with some little instruction he received in the old country, constituted the sum of scholastic studies. He now devoted all his attention to his duties in the factory, working his way up until he attained the position of foreman, which he reached in 1877 and which his merit still entitles him to. An enthusiastic Democrat, he has worked energetically in the interest of his party and in recognition of his services he has been honored with several positions of interest. He was alderman from the Fourth ward of Appleton from 1882 to 1890, and president of the council in 1887 and since 1882 also he has been school treasurer; in 1890 he was elected to represent the First District of Outagamie County in lower house of the State Assembly and so well did he satisfy his constituients that he was re-elected in 1892. Few men of his age in this section of the county have been more highly honored. Mr.Tracy was united in marriage November 18, 1870, with Miss Maggie Powers, a native of Massachusetts and a daughter of William Powers, a farmer who came to Appleton when his daughter, Maggie, was three years of age. Six children have blessed this union, named respectively; Eddie, Maggie, Kittie, Emma Agnes, Mabel and Florence Tracy. Mrs. Tracy lost her mother in 1885 and her father died in 1889.Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

TUBBS, Peter was born May 3, 1841 in Erie county, NY; came to Dodge County, WI in May 1848; bought present homestead December, 1867; moved here September 1868, with wife and one child; married Phebe H.M. Armitage of Rubicon, Dodge county, WI, January 6, 1866. She was born August 12, 1848 in Rubicon, WI. Their children are as follows: Lloyd H. born November 26, 1866; Carrie J., born April 14, 1869; Flora E., born July 17, 1871; Mary F. Born June 9, 1874; Leonore L. born April 19, 1878; Phebe L. born September 22, 1880; George P. born April 6, 1884; John H. born June 1, 1886; Eleanor E. born November 26, 1890; Frank W. born December 1, 1896. Residence, S.E. 1/4 Section 17, T. 24, R. 18, Seymour, Wisconsin. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.