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ZEHNER, Abraham, son of David and Elizabeth, was born February 3, 1818 in Pennsylvania. He married Maria (Polly) Zehner, daughter of Peter II, and was born April 19, 1817. Abraham and Maria were second cousins. Abraham accompanied his parents to Ohio in 1839, and to Wisconsin in 1853. They lived near Dale Wisconsin. He was a day laborer and cooper before moving to Wisconsin. He mended barrels after moving there. He owned 80 acres of virgin woodland. In 1882 he retired and moved into the village of Dale, and lived there until his death. Maria (Polly) died January 9, 1893. Abraham died April 14, 1893. They were buried in Dale Union Cemetery, west of Medina. They were the parents of ten children; Martha, Daniel, Elizabeth, Henry, Cassie, Laura, Amanda, John, Mary, and David. Source: Paul J. Zehner, descendant.

ZEHNER, David son of John was born May, 1792 in Schuylkill County Pennsylvania. He married Elizabeth Swartz, born December of 1800. They had a family of eight children, all born in Pennsylvania. David was a farmer and cooper. In 1839 he moved his family to Ohio. In 1853 his whole family moved to Dale, Wisconsin; except his youngest daughter Elizabeth. At Cleveland they boarded the boat Lady Elgin, crossing Lake Erie, Straits of Machanic and Lake Michigan to Green Bay. There they transferred to the boat Fox River and proceeded by way of the Fox River, Lake Winnebago and Wolf River to Lake Buttes des Morts. From there they traveled by wagon. They stopped for the night at the Olen farm one mile east and a half-mile north of Winchester. The next morning they completed their journey to Medina. Here, or near here they built their log cabins and reared their families. David died January 9, 1874. His wife Elizabeth died June 9, 1866. They were buried in the cemetery west of Medina Wisconsin (Dale Union Cemetery). They were the parents of eight children; Abraham, David, Catherine, Maria, Fannie, Christina, Hannah, and Elizabeth. Source: Paul J. Zehner, descendant.

ZIEGLER, Frederick was born in Wurtemberg, Germany on December 29, 1831; Mary Koehler Ziegler born in Wurtemberg, Germany on May 14, 1829; married on September 26, 1850; Came to America and settled on Section 36 in the town of Center, Outagamie County in 1857. Their children were seven of whom only two are living. Fred A. born August 16, 1866; married Caroline Tecklin, November 11, 1891; their children up to 1891 are three, Walter, Emma and Arthur. Gottlieb D. born December 22, 1868 married Frieda Lembke on September 18, 1895; their child, Theodore F. born August 7, 1897. G.D. Ziegler is county superintendent of schools of Outagamie County. Residence: 431 Eldorado Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

ZUEHLKE, Julius was born in Europe on March 19, 1839 and came to Outagamie County in October of 1855; married to Augusta Schmidt in 1865; she was born in 1856 in Europe. Their children, B.J. Zuelke born 1867; Otto Zuehlke. Occupation. deputy register of deeds. Residence, 1114 Spencer Street. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.

ZUEHLKE, B.J. was born January 17, 1867; married September 30, 1893 to Maggie Heiss; she was born in Bavaria; came to Appleton in the spring of 1882. Names of their children: Flora Zuehlke, born November 16, 1895; Mildred born November 18, 1897. Occupation: register of deeds of Outagamie County; former occupation, telegraph operator. Residence, 1411 Second Street, Appleton. Taken from The Outagamie County Pioneer Record.