VETERANS' SALUTE (Outagamie Residents)

Many Outagamie County men and their related families have served in the United States military at some point in our Nation's history. By listing them here, we honor THEM and their contributions, and perhaps provide answers to valuable sources of genealogical information. We salute THEM!

If you know of any other Outagamie County veterans, please send their names, data and stories to

Revolutionary War

War of 1812

Civil War

Barclay, Lawrence
Blackwood, J.E.
Brothers, D.J. (Captain)
Buboltz, Albert

Buck, C.F.
Cordes, Carl
Curtis, Moses

Diener, Henry
Dey, John
Frambach, Henry
Gates, Porter
Gehring, John
Green, Charles
Hanchett, James
Hoefer, Fred
Hopkins, Charles
Hudson, George
Jones, William

McCrary, Alva
Mills, Luther
Myers, George
Nye, Freeman

Priest, William H.
Priest, James
Pomeroy, Hugh

Russell, Charles
Ryan, David
Schintz, Louis
Spears, John
Stevens, Charles
Webley, James
Wilson, William
Wolcott, James Alonzo

World War I

Patrick Henry McHugh was a Sgt in Co.B 310th Infantry, 78th Division in World War 1. He was inducted 18 Sept. 1917 and honorably discharged 11 June 1919. He went to Europe 9 Sept. 1918 and returned to the U.S. 29 May 1919. His brother John Cornelius McHugh was a private in Co. A 55th Infantry in World War 1 and died of Pneumonia in France 12 November 1918. He was returned for burial and is buried in Bovina/St. Denis Cemetery, Shiocton.   Source: Granddaughter, Judy McHugh

World War II

Korean War

Viet Nam War